Statistics Page

Statistics page

A statistics page for Kuyumcu is now available. Click here to see the statistics.

Balances of Kuyumcu

It shows the current balances. You can click on the links to see the Nano and Banano balances of Kuyumcu.

Nano address of Kuyumcu: nano_3pg8khw8gs94c1qeq9741n99ubrut8sj3n9kpntim1rm35h4wdzirofazmwt

Banano address of Kuyumcu: ban_1oaocnrcaystcdtaae6woh381wftyg4k7bespu19m5w18ze699refhyzu6bo

24 hour volume

The total volume of transactions made in the last 24 hours.

Sending limits

The amount that is sent to make a transaction on Kuyumcu must be between the given (minimum - maximum) amounts. For example, according to the values in the picture above, you must not send less than 0.2 NANO or more than 1078 NANO to buy BANANO. These limit values change depending on the balances of Kuyumcu.

Note that, if you mistakenly send more than the maximum amount, the amount you sent will be immediately returned to your address.