3 Reasons To Use Kuyumcu

3 Reasons To Use Kuyumcu

Using Kuyumcu has many benefits!

- Ease of Use

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, it is possible to buy and sell in a few clicks. No registration. Enter your address, deposit and submit, that’s it!

- No fees

No deposit/withdrawal fees or transaction fees are taken. Transactions are carried out at the current exchange rate. So, when the price for buying is “@ 0.00125000 NANO”, and you want to buy BAN with 10 NANO, you’ll get 10 / 0.00125000 = 8000 BAN.

- Convenient for both small and large quantities

It may not be possible to sell 50 BAN on an exchange and withdraw it to your wallet as NANO, you may encounter a minimum withdrawal limit. You can trade small amounts without any problem at Kuyumcu.

No matter how much you send to buy/sell, it does not affect the exchange rate that you deal with, so that you can sell a big amount at the same exchange rate. It’s also good for Banano, to have a more stable price.

The minimum and maximum amounts that can be sent are specified on the “buy” and “sell” pages, and also on the “Statistics” page.