How To Use Kuyumcu

How to use Kuyumcu? (Tutorial)

There are a few important things to know about Kuyumcu. In this article, it will be described how to use Kuyumcu. Let’s get started!

1. Open Kuyumcu

Click here to go to

2. Click one of the buttons

You can either give Nano to buy Banano by clicking “BUY BANANO” button, or you can sell Banano to get Nano by clicking “SELL BANANO” button. Exchanges rates are as depicted on the buttons. According to the picture, 919 BANANO can be bought by selling 1 NANO, and 1 NANO can be bought by selling 1062 BANANO. These exchange rates may change over time. Let’s buy some Banano from Kuyumcu.

3. Enter your address

Enter your Banano address to buy Banano. If you want to sell Banano, you’ll need to enter your Nano address. The address that you give to Kuyumcu must be your own address. That is to say that, it shouldn’t be from an exchange. You can have your own Banano address from BananoVault. To have a Nano address, Nault can be used.

Don’t forget to backup the seed of your wallet. Websites are temporary, seeds are permanent. You can follow Settings -> Manage Wallet -> Backup Wallet on BananoVault or Nault to have your seed.

You can copy and paste your address and then click to the “Continue” button.

4. Send

Send Nano to the given Nano address. The amount you send must be within the specified minimum and maximum values. Click to the Submit button after sending Nano. If you’re selling Banano, it’s vice-versa. Press to the “Submit” button right after sending.

5. Receive

That’s it! In this example, we have bought 919 Banano with 1 NANO. Check your wallet - you’ll see that funds are there on your wallet!

It’s important to;

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy using Kuyumcu!