Kuyumcu Update

Kuyumcu Update (11.07.2020)

Kuyumcu, a simple way to buy and sell Banano using Nano, is here with an update.

Auto-refund system

Kuyumcu is now able to do a refund automatically to the sender address, if it is sent more than the maximum amount. For example, you want to sell 10,000,000 BAN to Kuyumcu but you didn’t see the maximum amount is specified less than that amount. In such cases, the amount you have sent will be refunded to your address automatically.

Important: It is crucial to not send funds from an exchange, because Kuyumcu does a refund to the sender address. Since the sender address is not your own address when sending from an exchange, you may not receive your funds in such a case.

24 hour volume

Total volume of transactions made in the last 24 hours in Kuyumcu is shown on the main page:

Here are the wallets of Kuyumcu: Nano wallet, Banano wallet.

Faster transactions

Transactions were faster. Now, it is faster than before! A transaction on Kuyumcu takes only seconds.

Contact page

If you encounter any problems or want to give feedback, you can contact us.

Usage of browser cookies

Deposit addresses are now dependent on the current browser session. Previously, there was a storage of address pairs on the server-side. Now, deposit addresses are not stored on the server, instead, they are on the browser cookies. It is very important to press to the “Submit” button, right after sending funds to Kuyumcu.

Alternative way of showing prices

There were some other improvements on UI.

Special thanks to sebrock, bantano, gurre, ceefs, Kirby, wonchain, Taha, Kron, RaMoRa, Arksun, /dev/aux, Oops, Goose, Flightless_Pig, pygo for their contributions!