USDC is available on Kuyumcu

Now, you can use Kuyumcu to trade many coins!

USDC (Polygon network) is now available to buy and sell on Kuyumcu. Swap USDC (Polygon network) with Nano here:

What is USDC?

USDC is a stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar at 1:1 rate, 1 USDC is redeemable for 1 USD. It can be used as USD in the cryptocurrency world, without having to transfer to a bank account back-and-forth. We are currently supporting the USDC on the Polygon network:

How to buy and sell USDC with Nano?

  1. Don’t forget that the USDC we’re supporting is not in the Ethereum main network, it’s in the Polygon (formerly known as Matic) main network. You can verify it by using the block explorer to explore transactions:, you can use NanoLooker or NanoCrawler as a Nano block explorer.

  2. Go to and press to the USDC button to trade Nano/USDC.
  3. Click one of the buttons to buy or sell Nano.
  4. Enter your address that you want to receive coins into, and enter a refund address. As a refund address, you can enter the address that you’re sending from. To create a Nano wallet, you can use as a web wallet or Natrium as a mobile wallet. To create an Ethereum wallet to receive USDC in the Polygon network, you can use MetaMask on your PC or Trust Wallet on your smartphone. Then press the Continue button.
  5. Send coins to the given deposit address, and click the Submit button after sending. That’s it, you’ll receive your coins to your address within a few seconds, at the current exchange rate of Kuyumcu.

Are there any fees?

If you’re selling USDC, there’s a small fee of the Polygon network which usually costs less than $0.01. Other than that, there are no fees. Transactions are carried out at the current exchange rate of Kuyumcu, which can be seen on the buy/sell buttons and on the deposit page.

I have sent USDC but it’s not confirmed yet, what should I do?

If you’re sending USDC using MetaMask, you can speed up your transaction by resubmitting it with a higher gas fee by clicking the “Speed up” in the Activity tab, then increase the max gas fee to the number provided in the Kuyumcu deposit page. You can also use the Polygon Gas Tracker to track the current gas prices.

What if I send more than the maximum, what if my coins get stuck?

We have an auto-refund system that refunds to your refund address instantly when there’s a problem like this. If that didn’t work, our assistant “Stuck Coins Helper” is here to help you:

Enter the address that you’ve entered to Kuyumcu, and continue by either requesting to process your transaction or requesting a refund to your refund address.

You can always contact us using the Contact page.

Hope you enjoy using our service!