Moons are on the mainnet!

What happened to Moons?

Initially, Moons were on the Rinkeby network. Then, it moved to a private Arbitrum network.

Now, Moons are on the mainnet (Arbitrum Nova Chain)! Here’s the link for viewing Moon transactions using the block explorer:

See on Reddit: “Pack your Moons, we’re moving to mainnet!”

How can I buy Moons from Kuyumcu?

  1. Go to, press the “BUY MOON” button.
  2. Enter your Ethereum address. If you want to receive Moons to your Reddit Vault, you can find the Ethereum address of your Vault by following this path: Open Reddit App -> Go to Vault -> Click the three dots (“…”) -> your address is here, starting with 0x. You can long press to copy your address to your clipboard.
  3. You’ll see a Nano deposit address. Send Nano (XNO) to that address, within the specified minimum-maximum amounts. Please use as a web wallet or Natrium as a mobile wallet for the best Nano experience.
  4. You’ll receive Moons to your address, right after your Nano deposit arrives!

Why use Kuyumcu ( to buy Moons?

The price doesn’t change according to the amount you’re selling! You can buy as much as you want, the price doesn’t go up with the amount you’re buying.

I don’t have Nano, but I have USDC on the Polygon network. How can I buy Moons?

You can swap your USDC to Nano (XNO) using Then, you can swap your Nano to Moons.

Please see other trading pairs on

How about selling Moons?

We don’t support selling Moons for now. This may change in the future, stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy using!