Kuyumcu is better now!

The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.

— Jeff Bezos

It just works!

Using Kuyumcu used to require some attention before. Pressing the “Submit” button after sending, not sending more than the maximum, not sending from an exchange… These are no longer needed, you just enter a refund address and if something goes wrong, Kuyumcu will automatically refund you your funds to your refund address.

“Stuck Coins Helper”

Although it shouldn’t happen, if your coins are stuck on Kuyumcu, a simple tool is here to help you. Just click on the “Stuck Coins Helper” button and enter the address that you’ve entered to Kuyumcu. Then you can try to process your transaction or get a refund to your refund address.

Rapid transactions

We’re pushing the limits on speed. Transactions between Nano and Banano take place almost at the speed of light!

New coins?

We listened to you with a small survey, we understood which coins you would like to see in Kuyumcu. Thank you for participating in the survey, one lucky participant received the prize. Stay tuned to see some new coins on Kuyumcu!